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Author combines international business, sports, espionage to create fast-paced action novel
Bob Robustelli hopes to inject new life into the popular spy genre with his novel, “TeamWork”

STAMFORD, Conn. – Authors have been known to use people, places and facts from their own lives to create a deeper and more complete story for their readers to enjoy. In “TeamWork” (ISBN 146622195X), Bob Robustelli does the same, using his own life as the back story for an international spy novel during the end of the Cold War.

Mickey Rossetti is the fictional version of Robustelli. From contacts in International business to his job as an American football promoter in Mexico, Europe and the Soviet Union, Mickey’s life mirrors Robustelli’s real life. At 30, Mickey finds himself in the middle of an average life with just enough going right to keep him going throughout the day. Pete Martin, a CIA operative and friend of his father, learns that Mickey is about to find himself in trouble with the FBI, and keeps Mickey just out of the FBI’s grasp.

When Mickey goes to Moscow to promote American football and a possible NFL game, Pete, as the CIA liaison in the newly formed Russia, is keeping an eye on him. When a KGB, plot to take over the country is unraveled, nuclear weapons are stolen, bombs are dropped and agents are getting killed left and right.

Pete and his Russian counterpart, Yakov Passov, form a team of American, Russian and Irish agents to defuse the situation. The team hopes to force their opponent into the open, and intend on using Mickey’s business ventures to lure them out. Mickey must learn the secrets of espionage in order to save the world from this powerful threat.

“A non-stop thriller, a breathtaking adventure, daringly original with flawed real characters and real world danger that will draw you in and hold you until the final word. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.”— best-selling author Richard Doetsch

Robustelli intends his book to be well received by anyone who enjoys a plot-driven spy story. His characters are easily relatable as they are all ordinary people asked to step into extreme but manageable circumstances. He hopes his addition will bring new life to the spy genre.

“There is space for a new author in the spy thriller genre. Three years ago when I starting doing research on writing at a local bookstore, the sales agent asked me what I was writing. When I mentioned a spy novel, her exact words were ‘That's great we need new blood in that genre,’” Robustelli says. “In the past few years, I really haven't found any new spy thrillers that excited me. I believe readers are looking for a new voice and a new story.”

“TeamWork” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:
Bob Robustelli resides in Stamford. He attended the University of Connecticut on a four year football scholarship. After college, he began working at the family corporate travel and sports marketing business, where his promoting of American football allowed him to travel the world including Mexico, Russia and Europe. Robustelli also coordinated numerous incentives, meetings and trade shows for corporations throughout the world. Today, he runs his own company that specializes in incentives, sporting event travel and event tickets.

Bob Robustelli
Email:               bob@robustelliww.com
Phone:              (203) 249-8838
Website:            www.bobrobustelli.com



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