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In TeamWork, fates are conjoined through a decades-long relationship between two spooks of matched skills, and dramatically opposing loyalties. Through a slew of mishaps and misfortunes, Mickey finds himself about to get in some real trouble with the FBI. Enter Pete Martin, a crusty old codger of a CIA operative and a friend of Mickey's dad, who steps in at the last moment and saves Mickey from a bust. When Mickey eventually lands in Moscow on business, Pete is there to keep him under tight reins.
Suddenly, the top is blown off of a KGB plot to take over the USSR and likely decimate the world, which involves nuclear arms stolen from Odessa. Pete and fellow agents from around the world must use their wits and resolve to save the planet from complete destruction. Adding to the intrigue is the brilliant, bitter and often boozing Ivan Sakalov, the beautiful, fearless Olga; the Irish communications expert Padraig Doyle; and many other who span the globe and fuel the story.
With high-flying plot twists—which include a coup to take over the Russian government, an NFL game in Moscow, missing nukes, and a renegade Russian agent—TeamWork reveals that, when it comes to one man, the game may just be far from over. Bringing together business, football and spooks as the Cold War heats up, this fast-paced, edgy debut spy thriller offers play-by-play thrills, laughs, and game-changing redemption.


TEAMWORK: THE TROUBLES - Due out Spring 2012
Mickey and the team find themselves embroiled in the tragedy taking place in Northern Ireland. Playing both sides of the religious spectrum, they find themselves immersed in the terrorist plots that are wreaking havoc and killing innocent people. The game plan the Team creates takes them into the IRA world of plotting destruction, the Protestant political structure, and the distorted mind of a sadistic killer. Moving through Belfast and Northern Ireland, Dublin, London and the United States this fast paced novel will immerse the reader into the “Troubles” that split Ireland apart for centuries.

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