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Football promoter and international businessman Mickey Rossetti never knew who he was or what he really wanted. Until it was almost game over. Combining international espionage with the action-packed arena of American football and international business, Bob Robustelli’s debut Cold War-era spy thriller delivers a tough-skinned, highly suspenseful addition to the genre that is certain to enthrall anyone who is a fan of hard-boiled fiction, or a fan of the great American pastime of football.

Author combines international business, sports, espionage to create fast-paced action novel

Bob Robustelli hopes to inject new life into the popular spy genre with his novel, “TeamWork”. STAMFORD, Conn. – Authors have been known to use people, places and facts from their own lives to create a deeper and more complete story for their readers to enjoy. In “TeamWork”, Bob Robustelli does the same, using his own life as the back story for an international spy novel during the end of the Cold War.

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If you have an idea simply sit down and start to write. It’ll take you places, in your mind, you never knew existed. Writing is fun…the process of writing is something else all together. There’s no easy way. You need to go through it by yourself. Start writing, take courses, find writing workshops and be sure to go to seminars. The journey is long and hard…but well worth it.


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